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Did you know that the New Testament alone discusses how we should interact with our brothers and sisters in Christ over 100 times? It says to honor one another, confess to one another, look out for one another, build one another up, consider one another, forgive one another, pray for one another, confess to one another, and the command to love one another is mentioned at least 16 times! It’s clear from all of this evidence that God cares a lot about how we interact with one another.

At Radiant Church, our desire is to live out the “one another’s” of scripture in one-on-one and group discipleship. We want to be a people actively involved in each other’s lives for the sake of strengthening the church, which acts as a living witness in our communities.

One of our focuses in the areas of groups is our Discovery Groups. The core values of these groups are Bible, community, and mission. Scripture is the thrust of our conversation and study because God’s Word is our ultimate source of life and growth. We also want to build relationships by meeting together continually and spending time with one another in fellowship. And finally, our hope is that these groups will become catalysts for serving families, our church, and helping others follow Jesus.

We believe the gospel work of the “one another’s” is absolutely essential to our spiritual health, our growth in the gospel, and our effective witness before a watching world.

We invite you to join us for a Discovery Groups Information & Training Luncheon on Sunday, March 13th at 12:30p after our morning worship service. Childcare will be provided (parents rejoice!).

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Whether you’re currently in a group, in a different kind of group, or have never been a part of a group, we’d like you to join us! We’ll be taking time to discuss the reasons we believe in discipleship groups, as well as taking questions about groups and discipleship in general.

We hope to see you there!


Dan Webb

Director of Worship and Discipleship