Due to the high percentage of opium use and overdose, Alpharetta and John’s Creek are part the “heroine triangle” of Atlanta. Bridgeway Church wants to help address this problem by gathering the community and community leaders to discuss the causes, prevention, and how to support those struggling through it. We hope this informative forum helps remove stigma surrounding the issue and prepares people to make a positive difference in our local community. Come listen, learn, ask questions and meet others.

We would love for anyone to join us! November 28th at 7:00pm, at Bridgeway Church.


Lynette Allen, Fulton County Opioid Prevention Coordinator

Theresa Graham, Sunrise Detox Center

Lieutenant Heath Holcomb, Alpharetta Police Department

Keith Welton, Pastor of Bridgeway Church


Statistics to Know:

  • The number of heroin/opioid related deaths in an area known as “The Triangle” in North Fulton has skyrocketed 4000% in recent years and while awareness has been raised, the deaths continue.
  • 2 million people are addicted to pain pills at any given time and 91 Americans die daily of opioid overdoses
  • Four in five new heroin users started out by misusing prescription pain killers.
  • Every day 2500 teens use a prescription drug for non-medical reasons.
  • 70 percent of misused prescription drugs come from friends and family.
  • 7.8 Million opioid prescriptions are dispensed in Georgia alone, the equivalent of one for every adult.
  • Americans consume up to 80 percent of the world’s prescription opioids, but make up just 5% of the world’s population.

For more stats and info see http://www.fultoncountyga.gov/soa-home