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We have an exciting guest speaking coming soon. At Radiant, we believe Jesus gave his disciples a commission to make disciples, and that happens by sharing God's word and loving other people. Loving others requires being patient and walking with them through the ups and downs of life, even through depression, confusion, adiction and so much more. On February 11, Craig Cooper is going to speak on being a loving and compassionate church.

Craig is the best selling author of the book Glad You're Here, which tells the story of him and his relationship with singer and songwriter Walker Hayes.  Walker was an alcoholic reeling from the backlash of a failed music career. Through their unlikely friendship, Craig’s life demonstrated the love of Christ in a way that shattered Walker’s misconceptions about Christianity, ultimately leading him a dramatic conversion. In 2021 Walker won the Country Music Award for artist of the year. Craig will talk about how building relationships, sacrificing for the good of others, and drawing near in times of need can lead to powerful transformation. It’s an amazing and inspiring story (you can hear some of their story here). I also have a soft spot for their story, because it’s very similar to how Craig was instrumental in helping me come to Christ in college! We lived down the hall from each other, and Craig invited me to Bible study and also into his life, and we became great friends. 

I'm exicted to have Criag share with us because I belive that impacting our community today will require loving people in uncomfortable places. I’m praying for God to use this time with Craig to continue building Radiant Church into a church that is lovingly impacting our community with the gospel.  If you are trying to find the courage to share your faith or even the courage to explore faith, then come join us. 

If you plan to come please RSVP at this link so we can plan appropriately. 


Sunday Feb 11 and 10:45 am

Radiant Church

4755 Kimball Bridge Rd

Alpharetta GA 30005